Welcome to our school

Tanda mission was started in the year 1999. The new land was purchased by Rev. Fr. Packianathan this land belonged to a man named Jaspal. It was a brick factory where they used to bake and sell the bricks. So much mud was put to level the land. The main purpose to buy this land was to build a school. To start the school temporary, bricks and walls were put as a class room and office. Slowly the school building work continued and Fr. Packinanthan used to come from Azeem Nagar to see to the work. The plan was to start an English medium but then it ended with Hindi Medium. In the beginning we had hundred and twenty students. Sister Rekha and a Candidate Sushma were the first ones to begin the school. They used to come from Huthut Community to work in Tanda daily and go back to Huthut. The Sister’s learned to endure everything with patience hardship to do the will of God When the school building was completed Fr. P.N. asked Bishop to build a Church in Tanda. In 2005 the New Church was blessed by Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick Nair. In 2006 the preper Hall was built at Sihora, as We go for mass every sunday along with father. In 2007-2008, the English medium School was started by Fr. Marceline and Sr. Sheela. At present Fr. Mark lobo is the Manager and Sr. Stella is the Principal of the school. At present we have about 850 students and we have classes from L.K.G to 9th. In 2017 out first batch of class X will appear for their board exam of CBSE. At present we have about 26 staff members. Our Main Apostate Teaching in the school Village visiting Catechism Helping in the church activities Praying in the families